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Wyoming Range

Mule Deer Project

Photo – MFF presents the University of Wyoming Co-op Unit, led by Kevin Monteith (left), with a check in the amount of $170,000 for the Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project on December 14, 2013. This allocation allowed this project to be initiated and NOT canceled

In recent decades, mule deer abundance throughout the West has struggled to reach historic numbers, and Wyoming is no exception to the nearly ubiquitous trend of population declines. In response to concerns of mule deer populations in Wyoming, in 2007, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission adopted the Wyoming Mule Deer Initiative (MDI) with the intent to develop individual management plans for key populations. Of particular concern was the Wyoming Range mule deer population in western Wyoming—one of the largest mule deer herds in the state and a premier destination for mule deer hunting in the country. The Wyoming Range mule deer population has undergone dynamic changes in recent decades from a population high of >50,000 in the late 1980s, to a sustained population of ~30,000 during much of the last decade. Consequently, the Wyoming Range mule deer population was identified as a top priority for the development of a management plan according to the MDI. The first of the population specific management plans, the Wyoming Range Mule Deer Initiative (WRMDI), was finalized in 2011 following a collaborative public input process. To direct development of an effective management plan, it was recognized by the Mule Deer Working Group (2007) that the “Success and implementation of these plans will depend upon our ability to identify limiting factors to mule deer populations and their habitats”. Accordingly, the Wyoming Range Mule Deer Project was initiated 2013 to address the need for research in identifying the factors that regulate the Wyoming Range mule deer population.

In 2012, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department’s budget was cut tremendously and would NOT be able to be a funding partner for the project. This would have resulted in the canceling of the project, except the Muley Fanatic Foundation with only one fundraising event in 2012 under their belt, stepped up and committed the $170,000 to help the project be initiated. 

This project continues today and has discovered great information of many generations of mule deer, discovered what the impact of a record breaking winter of 2016/2017 can do, and added many components, such as, collaring male mule deer to find the differences in their migration and winter habits compared to females.

The Muley Fanatic Foundation RAFFLES are the main fundraising mechanism. It isn’t just to giveaway a great prize, it’s the importance that the funding continues for these project. These efforts help learn more about the mule deer and figuring out the solutions behind the loss of their populations.

If you are willing to help support these efforts please participate in any of the MFF Raffles.

Wyoming's Wildlife

Wyoming Governor's Big Game License Coalition

WGBGLC allocates dollars to benefit Wyoming’s wildlife

On May 6, 2020 the Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition (Coalition) convened to allocate more than $475,000 to benefit Wyoming’s wildlife and their habitats. The Coalition consists of representatives from the Muley Fanatic Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wyoming Wildlife Federation, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Established in January of 2003 under the direction of Governor Dave Freudenthal, the Coalition was assembled to further conservation efforts in Wyoming through the auction or raffle of complimentary Governor’s big game licenses. The Coalition has since continued through Governor Mead’s administration and now with Governor Gordon. Thanks to the generosity of these Wyoming Governors, the Coalition has funded conservation projects totaling over $7.6 million in Wyoming since its inception, and has typically been able to leverage matching funds at rates of four or even eight to one!

Each year, Wyoming Governor’s complimentary big game licenses are made available as authorized by state statute. These include five bighorn sheep, five moose, ten deer/elk/pronghorn, and five wild bison licenses. Licenses are sold via the conservation-based organizations that are members of the Coalition. Proceeds from the sale of these licenses are then earmarked for funding various wildlife/conservation projects such as habitat improvements, conservation easements, wildlife research (e.g., defining big game migration corridors), and projects to facilitate wildlife movements across roadways. The Coalition is also able to fund an array of non-game and sensitive species projects. Project applicants apply for Coalition funding in January of each year, with funds being awarded each spring. In a typical year, the Coalition provides funding for over 50 different projects addressing a wide range of conservation needs. Funding from the Coalition not only helps projects get completed, but also facilitates partnerships across conservation organizations, state agencies, the agricultural community, and the University of Wyoming.

“Governor Gordon has done a terrific thing for Wyoming and its wildlife by continuing the legacy of the Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition. Allocating these dollars to fund a broad diversity of research and conservation projects continues to be extremely valuable in furthering the efforts to preserve our wildlife heritage and treasured landscapes,” said Justin Binfet, the current Coalition Chairman. “In addition, the sincere dedication of the Coalition’s membership to Wyoming’s wildlife has enabled this group to function very efficiently and effectively, and all of their hard work to promote conservation efforts across this great State is genuinely appreciated!”

The story of the challenge coin


Do you accept the challenge? Buy your Life Membership by CLICKING HERE!

Thank you Tyrel Bramwell for creating this great video.

Greater Little Mountain Area

The Hidden Gem of Southwest Wyoming

Muley Fanatic Foundation Awards

Inaugural Conservation Scholarship

Pictured left to right, Joey Faigl and Josh Coursey (MFF Founders), Kolbi Hester (Scholarship recipient),

Christine Thomas (Kolbi’s proud Mother), Brian Taylor (Scholarship Chair).


Kolbi Hester, a Senior at Green River High School has been awarded the very first Stan Lueck Memorial Scholarship from the Muley Fanatic Foundation. The scholarship is aimed toward students who volunteer time helping in conservation efforts throughout Wyoming, and who will be attending a Wyoming college with a conservation related discipline as their intended field of study. Kolbi has been awarded $2,500 to be used toward her 2020/2021 college fees and expenses.

Kolbi had conservation in her heart before she even new of this scholarship. She has volunteered with the Muley Fanatic Foundation on several occasions,including fundraising banquets and wildlife research projects. Volunteering was the first step in qualifying for this scholarship, followed by an essay discussing why conservation is important, and what she learned about the benefits of conserving wildlife and wildlife habitat through her volunteer efforts.

Aside from academics and conservation efforts, Kolbi is a member of FFA, and in certain circles is known as “Short Shanks” the rodeo clown. She also helps with other fundraising efforts around town for various groups. The size of her character is rivaled only by the size of her heart. Congratulations Kolbi, and all the best from the Stan Lueck Memorial Scholarship Committee and the Muley Fanatic Foundation!

The Stan Lueck Memorial Scholarship namesake is in honor of a true ambassador and friend of wildlife who gave countless hours of his living years to further the efforts of conservation. Stan’s legacy and impacts to conservation are still being furthered today by everyone who knew and drew inspiration from his passion for wild things and wild places.

For others who may be interested in applying for the scholarship, there are up to five additional
scholarships available. Qualification requirements are noted in this press release, or contact the Muley
Fanatic Foundation in Green River at (307) 875-3133 or e-mail scholarshipshoot@yahoo.com or
josh@muleyfanatic.org for more details


Due to the Covid-19 circumstances, the Muley Fanatic Foundation has cancelled or postponed all upcoming events until further notice. If you would still like to support the efforts of MFF, please become a member or make any kind donation.

Thank you all for understanding and please be safe and healthy.


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Featured Projects

Dominion Energy partnered with the Muley Fanatic Foundation allocated $14,000 to the video project and the MFF Southeast Wyoming Chapter allocated $5,000 to the camera trap footage in this film. Those same cameras will be utilized at the Platte Valley, Woodslanding, and Sybille Canyon areas.

The Muley Fanatic Foundation Colorado Chapters have contributed over $26,000 to the Highway 9 Project. Funds benefited a portion of construction and the monitoring in different phases each year.

Since 2013, the MFF Colorado Chapters have allocated $466,049 and of that $370,424.43 is completely paid for due to project completions.

Thank you to everyone that supported and attended the Greeley and Denver Chapter Fundraising Banquets.

A check was presented to Wyoming Game Commissioner Mike Schmid (center) and the WYldlife Fund from the Muley Fanatic Foundation Upper Green Chapter (left to right) Zach Key, Ray Alexander, and Mitch Kannier. The check was for the amount of $24,000 and will be allocated to the Dry Piney Highway Underpasses Project. These funds were remains from their 2019 Fundraising Banquet.

2019 “Putting the ‘U’ in Hunt”

Hunts for youths with life-threatening illnesses.

The Smiles Say It All!!

The Muley Fanatic Foundation (MFF) has organized a program “Putting the ‘U’ in Hunt” for the last 8 years. This program is a partnership with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department to receive Commissioner Licenses for youths with life-threatening illnesses. The youths are found by word of mouth and MFF has averaged 4 to 6 youths each year. With the help of the Holy Pursuit’s Dream Foundation and the Hunt for Hope organization, this year we have received 17 youths to hunt in Wyoming.

With the assistance of the MFF Southeast Wyoming Chapter in Cheyenne, Pathfinder Ranches, MFF 10 Country Chapter in Riverton WY, Will Dolinar & JT Price with Crossfire Tactical LLC, MFF Southwest Wyoming Chapter in Rock Springs, Jason Faigl with Red Desert Outfitters, Mountainland Supply in Rock Springs WY, Carrico Ranches, and 3 individuals (Josh, Joey, Chris) from MFF HQ, these kids have successful hunts every year!

Thank you to all that have been supportive of this effort! Words can not be expressed for how much MFF appreciates everyone involved. The experiences of these hunts brings many emotions and unforgettable memories for us and these kids.

Click image to watch 2019 videos.

74274130_2524372824313170_7837453255134150656_n Thumbnail 71215741_3449085025103353_2709386170566967296_o

Meet the Team!

Muley Fanatic Foundation Staff

JOSHUA W.D. COURSEY - President/CEO/Co-founder

JOSHUA W.D. COURSEY - President/CEO/Co-founder

He loves the Dallas Cowboys. Enough said right? Loser! Every season there is talk about the road to the Lombardi Trophy. And every year tears fall because once again the road came up short, like way short! Mr. Coursey also likes the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Lakers. Oh and the Denver Broncos in case his other team sucks there is another team to cheer for in the Fall. Unfortunately, they both suck now so his football season is usually pathetic. Josh's occasional dad joke will give you a laugh, on second thought, they are terrible. Probably reads them off a bubble gum wrapper.

CHRIS STEFFEN - Director of Operations

CHRIS STEFFEN - Director of Operations

Nickname RomoCop. Chris is an EX-COP, IN FACT RETIRED CHIEF!! He always brings out the law in the office. Can't do this, can't do that. Sometimes he even gives us a ticket for his "Office Laws"! Shit he even puts the badge back on once in a while. Fisherman, ya right! He attempts to catch fish, but isn't very good at it. Of course he is that guy that says "It was this big!" The biggest thing he has ever caught is his dog! Chris is an "okay" guy, it is just difficult to listen to him talk about how awesome his Denver Donkeys AREN'T! He definitely is NOT tech savvy. Occasionally he throws his laptop across the room hoping that will resolve the error or just yell at it like it is a living creature. Surprised he hasn't called the police to arrest it because in his mind it has committed some crime.

JANET CROFTS - Office Manager

JANET CROFTS - Office Manager

Who the hell is this lady!? Don't let her smile fool you. She came out of no where and into the MFF office telling us what to do! We followed direction and did what we were told. Now she spends all her time on social media and ships the MFF Hats to people because she loves to give gifts. Here at the office we are still trying to escape. If you come through our doors please BEWARE! If you love dogs you will get along with Janet. She is obsessed with dogs! If she comes running to your dog don't worry, she just wants to pet the dang thing or kidnap it! Of course you can invite her over to your house for BBQ and she could possibly clean up your dog's poop.



Born and raised in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Rock Springs rules Pat Crank! In high school he was known for the guy that dunked a basketball off a donkey during the participation in Donkey Basketball (look it up). Joey the less talented of the crew. He actually has two, he can shoot hoops, well he can bust a 3 point or two. Probably his strongest is art. Pencil drawing to graphic design, he definitely has it. His best subject used to be fruit, but now it is wildlife and mule deer is his favorite! This guy loves mule deer, literally loves them! He has always wanted to mount a trophy mule deer buck (as in taxidermy). His experience and time around mule deer since he was 5 years old, now 25, has influenced his passion for them. He works hard each day in hopes to find a solution to help this ungulate (term used now that he hangs out with too many biologists). Overall Joey is an awesome and extremely handsome MFF'er!!

The Muley Fanatic Foundation

Board of Directors

131 gun giveaways!

2020 MFF Gun Calendar

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The calendar helps further the mission and continues the existence of MFF. With the model of 70/30 (70% of net funds is obtained by that local chapter for their local area) that has existed since day one of the foundation, the Headquarters organizes other fundraising mechanisms to continue the organization and it’s future. View some Muley Fanatic Foundation YouTube videos.

Congratulations to ALL 2020 Winners!

January 2nd: Daryl Denbow #2582

January 7th: Freddie Leroux #3021

January 9th: Kenneth Phoenix #2152

January 14th: Stephen Nelson #1879

January 16th: Jeremy Neidens #1542

January 21st: James Baker #3726

January 23rd: Mark Highcock #2456

January 28th (2 winners): Merle Potter #1987 and Dee Bailey #3537

January 30th (2 winners): Aric Harsy #2303 and Mike Robertson #2984

February 4th: Allan Reimers #1597

February 6th: Dave Kavanah #3670

February 11th: Henry Van Gaethen #4848

February 13th: Stephen Harkness #3130

February 18th: Leon Parker #2800

February 20th: Terry Narramore #3573

February 25th (2 winners): Robert Tranas #2309 and Edward Chaney #1281

February 27th (2 winners): Ronald Willox #2894 and Miguel Munoz #1359

March 3rd: Josh Becker #3705

March 5th: Ginna Thomas #2589

March 10th: Patrick Perkinson #1036

March 12th: Brian Grisham #1972

March 17th: Brent Lloyd #2440

March 19th: Gary Livingston #2327

March 24th: Robert Seaver #3987

March 26th (2 winners): David Wenig #4625 & Erik Alberts #2013

March 31st (2 winners): Ronnie Harsh #3591 & James Jackson #2153

April 2nd: Justin Madsen #2195

April 7th: Russ Dalgarn #1463

April 9th: Amber Faigl #1586

April 14th: James Sanderson #3415

April 16th: Corey Mecham #3539

April 21st: Rick Smith #4798

April 23rd: Leland McClure #2319

April 28th (2 winners): Darren Rhea #3912 and Robert Nelson #1110

April 30th (2 winners): Michael Schubarth #1601 and Phillip Nissley #2432

May 5th:  Christian Lupo #2877

May 7th:  Wayne Bennett #4852

May 12th: Barry Morrell #3113

May 14th: Leon Parker #4103

May 19th:  Dana Dennison #5074

May 21st:  John Price #3069

May 25th (Memorial Day):  Joseph Cunningham #2707

May 26th (2 winners):  Patrick Light #2673 & Nicolas Sees #2407

May 28th (2 winners):  Kimberly DelRosso #2919 & Josh Frommie #1656

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