Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your Hand is God’s Hand for that personProverbs 3:27 (MSG)


The Muley Fanatic Foundation (MFF) has organized a program “Putting the ‘U’ in Hunt” for the last 8 years. This program is a partnership with the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission to receive Complimentary Commissioner Licenses for youths with life-threatening illnesses. The youth recipients are usually found by word of mouth due to the HIPPA Law. From 2012-2018, MFF averaged 4 to 6 youths each year, in 2019, with the assistance of the Holy Pursuit’s Dream Foundation and the Hunt for Hope organization, MFF received 17 youths to hunt in Wyoming! The two organization’s have continued to help, in the fall of 2020, MFF will sponsor 18 youths.

Every year the youth hunts have high success rates and create lifelong memories, all this due to the assistance of the MFF Southeast Wyoming Chapter in Cheyenne, Pathfinder Ranches, MFF 10 Country Chapter in Riverton WY, Will Dolinar & JT Price with Crossfire Tactical LLC, MFF Southwest Wyoming Chapter in Rock Springs, Jason Faigl with Red Desert Outfitters, Mountainland Supply in Rock Springs WY, Carrico Ranches, and 4 individuals (Josh, Joey, Chris, Janet) from MFF HQ.

Thank you to all that have been supportive of this effort! Words can not be expressed for how much MFF appreciates everyone involved. The experiences of these hunts brings many emotions and unforgettable memories for MFF and these kids.

If you know of any youth that would qualify for this program, please contact the MFF HQ office @ (307) 875-3133.

Deadline dates to apply are November 1st – January 25th. Below are the qualification for the complimentary Commissioner Licenses.

Section 13. Commissioner Complimentary License for Persons with Life Threatening Illnesses:

Persons twenty (20) years of age or younger (12) with a life-threatening illness and who is sponsored by a nonprofit charitable organization (Muley Fanatic Foundation) whose mission it is to provide opportunities and experiences to persons with life-threatening or serious illnesses. *Recipient must be the age requirement during the time of harvest.


  • The proper application form will be mailed to the recipient’s address for the information to be completed by recipient/parents/guardians and a section completed by their physician. Following completion, that form must be returned to the MFF HQ (5 E Railroad Ave, Green River WY 82935) at least 15 days prior to Septembers 1st.
  • After MFF receives the completed application, it is double checked, species and hunt area is filled in by MFF, and then mailed to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department with the resident or non-resident license fee. The Wyoming Game & Fish Department will then mail the hunting license(s) to MFF for the recipient to sign and retrieve upon arrival in Wyoming.
  • The recipient is allowed to hunt 5 days prior to the regulated hunting season open date.
  • MFF asks the recipient to arrive at least one day prior to the first day of the hunt. That day of arrival will include; Pick-up from airport (if needed) and taken to hotel, hunting licenses signed, plans made for the hunt, or when hunter arrives by travel MFF representative will meet up at hotel.
  • MFF will attempt to cover travel expenses (for all recipient’s family if needed), license fees, lodging, hunt day food, hunt day beverages, and any other expense to help with the hunt. Many local businesses and volunteers assist with the hunts to the extent of their willing donation. (Please see the below supporters).
  • Taxidermy & processing of game meat (including shipping) may be the responsibility of the recipient’s parents/guardians. Some taxidermists or sponsors are willing to cover these costs. Please ask about these during time of applying.



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