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A group of legislators, government leaders, and other citizens have created a new Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce to help investigate top wildlife issues in the state.

Wyoming Game and Fish Director, Brian Nesvick, says there have been lots of citizen interest in the last 10 years or so that deal with licensing, access, preference points, and other issues that have been discussed, but no real changes implemented.

“Through a cooperative with the legislature and the governor and the commission and the (Wyoming Game and Fish),” Nesvick said. “18 members of folks from across the state that are going to be charged with, first of all, identifying which topics are best to address but then spending about a year studying those.”

He says they will then make some recommendations to Wyoming Game and Fish, the legislature, or governor depending on who has authority over the issue.

“I’m excited about that,” Nesvick said. “It’s a great group.”

He believes there are very diverse interest representatives in the taskforce. He says they will most likely begin their work after the legislative session and the early part of the summer. He also says the communities will play a big part in this.

“All of their meetings and all of their processes are going to be heavily shaped by public input,” Nesvick said. “So the public is going to have an opportunity to sit in there during these meetings and provide their feedback.”

The Wyoming Game and Fish have released the names of the taskforce and they are the following:

  • Tony Lehner – Converse County Commissioner, landowner
  • Duaine Hagen – Park County landowner
  • Representative Jamie Flitner – Big Horn County
  • Representative Albert Sommers – Sublette County
  • Adam Teten – Johnson County sportsman
  • Joe Schaffer – Laramie County sportsman, President of Laramie County Community College
  • Rusty Bell – Campbell County Commissioner, Taxidermist, Sportsman
  • Sy Gilliland – President of Wyoming Outfitter and Guides Association
  • Elissa Ruckle – Owner of Elevate Wyoming
  • Senator Ogden Driskill – Crook County
  • Senator Larry Hicks – Carbon County
  • Liisa Anselmi-Dalton – Sweetwater County hotel owner
  • Jen Scoggin – Director Office of State Lands and Investments
  • Lee Livingston – Park County Commissioner
  • Josh Coursey – Sweetwater County sportsman, President/CEO of the Muley Fanatic Foundation
  • Pat Crank – Laramie County sportsman, outgoing Wyoming Game and Fish Commissioner
  • Pete Dube – Johnson County, President of the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission
  • Brian Nesvik – Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department


If you would like to submit a subject, ideas, thoughts, concerns, or anything that could be discussed with the task force, please submit to Josh by calling him @ (307) 389-7495 or email He would love to have a conversation to bring more ideas to the table.

Please stay tuned for any updates.

Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce holds first meeting

Sets processes, next steps for public input


CASPER — The Wyoming Wildlife Taskforce convened in Casper in June for their first meeting to begin discussions on policy issues related to hunting licenses and access facing the Wyoming hunters and anglers. A recording of the 2-day meeting is available online.


The taskforce membership elected Rusty Bell, Campbell County commissioner, taxidermist and sportsman and Joshua Coursey, of Sweetwater County, CEO/President of the Muley Fanatic Foundation, as co-chairs to lead the group over the next 18-months. The co-chairs are mutually dedicated to ensuring an open process with many opportunities for public input.


“Transparency will be important to be successful,” said Joshua Coursey, co-chair of the Taskforce


Through a ranking process, the Taskforce membership prioritized three issues for initial discussion:

  • What policies might sustainably increase resident sportsperson opportunities for the “big 5” species — moose, sheep, goat, bison and grizzly bear — with a proposal to consider a 90/10 allocation for resident/nonresident licenses? This could include local and statewide economic impact studies.
  • What policies might sustainable increase resident sportsperson opportunities for deer, elk and antelope?
  • What policies and practices might support private landowners as stewards of wildlife habitat?


“We will be taking public comments over the next 30 days on these topics to build a foundation for discussion at our upcoming meeting,” said Rusty Bell, co-chair of the Taskforce.


Anyone interested can contact a Taskforce member with thoughts and submit comments though


The taskforce membership set the next five meeting dates, planned to occur in Casper from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Details on locations are forthcoming:

  • July 8
  • July 19
  • September 1
  • November 18
  • December 3


The charge of the Taskforce will be to formulate recommendations to the Wyoming Legislature and the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission; the Taskforce does not have rulemaking authority.

Upcoming events related to the WWTF which you are encouraged to please attend if located in your area.