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The 2018 Calendar is here! It includes a 54 gun giveaway. Every Wednesday a winner will be drawn for the specific firearm assigned for that date. 2 BONUS drawings in May and November.

        Purchase 10 or more Calendars and receive FREE shipping!

If you win, your name returns into all remaining drawings! BUY 10 or more CALENDARS receive FREE shipping!

Purchase a calendar for $50 for yourself or as a gift. Each calendar includes a raffle ticket stub. The detached portion of ticket will have information completed at the Muley Fanatic Foundation Headquarters and detached for the drawing drum. Other ticket portion will be shipped with calendar to purchaser.

  • IF a calendar is purchased as a gift, be sure the shipping information is completed for the individual IF that individual will be receiving the calendar.
  • For other type gifts that will not be shipped directly to individual and received on the celebration day (Christmas, Birthdays), please contact MFF @ 307-875-3133 to have the information updated for the participant immediately following the time of receiving.

All sales are final.



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