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GOVERNOR’S WILD BISON LICENSE SALES – Available to residents or non-residents.

The following information contains excerpts from the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission (WGFC) Chapter 44 licensing regulation, a link to the wild bison hunting regulation (hunting season dates, limitations, and license quotas), and information pertaining to the administration of the Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition (WGBGLC) regarding the disposition of bison license sale proceeds. The WGBGLC webpage can be found at: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/Apply-or-Buy/Commissioner-and-Governor-Licenses/Governors-Big-Game-License.

Chapter 44 (Section 11) – Governor Complimentary Licenses

Wyoming statutes provide for the issuance of complimentary licenses to be issued at the request of the Governor. Big game licenses authorized under this section shall be valid for the species for which the license has been issued.

(a) These licenses shall be valid in any hunt area in accordance with Commission regulations, except for the following:

(iii) Complimentary wild bison licenses shall not be valid in any wild bison hunt area which has a total quota of ten (10) or less any wild bison licenses.

(iv) Governor’s Complimentary licenses shall not be valid within Grand Teton National Park.

(b) Holders of Governor Complimentary licenses shall be exempt from the provisions in this Chapter limiting the number of big game or wild bison licenses an individual can possess in any one (1) calendar year or during an individual’s lifetime. An individual is eligible to receive a Governor Complimentary moose license, Governor Complimentary full price bighorn sheep license, and a Governor Complimentary wild bison license annually. Recipients shall be exempt from the five (5) year waiting period and preference points shall not be lost if an individual receives a Governor Complimentary moose or full price bighorn sheep license. Nonresident preference points shall not be lost if an individual receives a Governor Complimentary antelope, deer or elk license.

The full regulation can be found at: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/WGFD/media/content/Emergency-Rule_CH-44.pdf.

Chapter 15 Wild Bison Recreational Hunting Season

The regulation governing wild bison hunting season dates, limitations, and license quotas can be found at: https://wgfd.wyo.gov/Regulations/Regulation-PDFs/REGULATIONS_CH15.pdf.

Proceeds from the sale of the Governor’s Wild Bison License

Ninety percent (90%) of Governor’s license sale proceeds go to the Wyoming Governor’s Big Game License Coalition (WGBGLC) to fund a broad diversity of conservation projects ranging from wildlife habitat improvements, wildlife research and monitoring, and conservation easements. The WGBGLC consists of representatives from various wildlife conservation organizations and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. The remaining ten percent (10%) of the proceeds are retained by the license selling organization.

WGBGLC All Wildlife Committee

Proceeds from the Governor’s wild bison license sales are earmarked for the WGBGLC “All Wildlife” account. The WGBGLC administers five accounts: bighorn sheep, moose, mule deer, elk, and all wildlife. The “All Wildlife” committee reviews proposals annually and has funded projects that fall into many categories such as conservation easements, equipment purchases, monitoring, and research, but has not funded a consistent type of project, historically. The Committee wants to retain the flexibility to fund a variety of requests and has not categorized priorities. One important note, the All Wildlife fund also funds pronghorn-related projects. The All Wildlife committee often receives requests amounting to 2-3 times more than available funding. Approved amounts vary, but generally range from $5,000 to $8,000 dollars. Project funding derived from the WGBGLC All Wildlife fund sometimes accounts for a small but important component of larger projects, and is often leveraged to obtain additional matching funds. Project proposal requests containing well-written narratives and evidence of strong partnerships have the best chance of funding.

Thank You Governor Gordon!

We wish to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for the generosity of Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon in donating his statutorily authorized complimentary licenses to the WGBGLC. Thanks to the Governor’s generosity and the dedication of the wildlife conservation organizations that market and sell these licenses, the WGBGLC has been able to fund over $9.8 million in wildlife conservation projects since its inception in 2003!

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