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********  Please read ALL information below prior to ordering  ********

Please allow 5-7 days  for processing and delivery. *If high volume orders it may take 7 – 10 days. We thank you for your patience.

  • If you are purchasing as a gift for another individual and would like each calendar to be shipped to that person, PLEASE complete each order separately, or all calendars will be shipped to the included shipping address. Thank you.

  • The information for the calendar ticket stub will be filled out from the SHIPPING information prior to delivery of calendar and that ticket stub will be entered into the large drawing drum at the Muley Fanatic Foundation Headquarter Office. The calendar # (located in the upper right corner inside cover) corresponds with the completed ticket stub #.
  • Also if you need extra information or are requesting calendars to be entered under different names, please add it to the ORDER NOTES.

If you win, your name returns into all remaining drawings!

For calendar(s) given for a gift that will NOT be shipped directly to individual, please have that individual receiving the gift contact MFF @ 307-875-3133 to provide the updated information for the participant receiving the gifted calendar.



Calender Rules * Please read

* Persons under the age of 18 may not purchase a raffle ticket (calendar).
* Raffle tickets (calendars) are $100.00 and limited up to 3,500 raffle tickets (calendars). Calendar numbers will be number 1,000 to 4,500. The purchase of only one raffle ticket (calendar) is required to enter the raffle. Each raffle entry (calendar) constitutes an equal chance to win. All unsold raffle tickets (calendars) become the property of the Muley Fanatic Foundation.
* Guns and/or descriptions are printed on the calendar draw dates. Some gun images may differ from exact gun. May and November have a bonus gun drawn on those special days.
* Cash, personal checks and credit cards are accepted for the sale of raffle tickets (calendars). Prizes will not be awarded until the check clears the bank. Checks returned are subject for additional fee and disqualification from the raffle.
* Random drawing will be held every draw day (Tuesday/Thursday) of the week during the calendar year at the MFF Headquarters. Drawing times may vary. It is hand drawn from a large drum containing ALL raffle ticket stubs associated with each calendar.
* All winners will be posted by the end of each week (or Thursday) at muleyfanatic.org, via email, Facebook.com/muleyfanaticfoundation, Twitter.com/MuleyFantics, and Instagram.com/muleyfanaticfoundation.
* Winners will be contacted day of drawing via phone and provided the proper procedure to acquire the prize printed on calendar for that day’s drawing.
* All winners must pass FFL regulations and the rules be met before receiving firearm. Winners that are unable to complete FFL paperwork at the MFF Headquarters is responsible for acquiring a firearm dealer with FFL in their local area and have that dealer email a copy to the proper email address at MFF HQ. If you are a winner and there are some restrictions in your state of residancy for the winning firearm, MFF is willing to provide a legal firearm of equal value or provide a tax write off form of the equal value. ** Winners are responsible for any transfer fees.
* Weekly pictures of the guns may vary slightly from actual gun. Muley Fanatic Foundation reserves the right to modify any raffle prize if needed based on manufacturer’s available inventory.
* Every winner’s firearm must be legally deliverable at Muley Fanatic Foundation’s sole discretion, a winner’s pre-selected firearm may be adjusted to a different firearm or substituted to a gift card of equal value of MFF’s cost, due to the winner’s age, status or applicable regulations affecting the firearm transfer to the winner.

All sales are final.


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