We Need Fawns

Mule deer populations have declined across the west nearly 40% over the past two decades. In order to stabilize this decline and remedy such losses, it is essential that we learn what is occurring with our fawn populations. Research has clearly shown that Mother Nature is doing her part with 95-97% of does pregnant in early spring, and a majority with twins.

So what is happening to the fawns following birth?

Already discovered advancements have given insight to possible causes, including one that wasn’t documented in Wyoming until 2014. Positive tests have confirmed the presence of adenovirus hemorrhagic disease. This, along with increased predation and poor nutrition are some of the limiting factors that have been shown through research to continue the downward trend of mule deer populations.

MFF believes it is important to continue research studies to find out why we are not growing fawns and gain first hand accounting of what is happening at the individual level. After all, no fawns equates to no mule deer.